He Said/She Said : Roadhouse

Roadhouse is, what some would call, a classic tale of good vs evil. Gracing the screen in 1989, Roadhouse is a contemporary morality play, espousing the ‘shop local’ attitude it would take most of the country years to adopt.

And Tom has never seen it. Not once. Yeah, I know, this should have been a question asked way before the ring was on my finger, but alas, I finally got it to happen by blindsiding him with an HD copy from Amazon (thanks in part to Amazon Video on Demand and the Amazon app on my TV).

According to Amazon:
When Dalton, a brawny bouncer with an NYU degree in philosophy, is hired to police a rowdy bar in the Midwest and falls in love with Doc (Kelly Lynch), he angers her mean ex-boyfriend who vows to win her back. In HD.

Such truer words have never been spoken, although that was not the movie I remember being synopsied. I recall, seeing the movie on video in 1990. I remember being in my ‘Patrick Swayze’ phase, and coming right off of a 3 year obsession with Dirty Dancing. Now, fans of Dirty Dancing will see a few things in Roadhouse common with Swayze’s earlier attempt at Oscar glory–such as an extended water scenes and a nod to one of the most memorable songs of Dirty Dancing. I remember reading an industry magazine at the time and learning the word ‘mediocre’ and looking it up because Patrick Swayze said that was his least favorite thing–and from then on I decided that ‘mediocre’ was not something I would ever be. And, I remember Sam Elliot being his mentor and a lot of brawling. Oh, and Terry Funk.

I liked wrestling here and there, too. But that’s a story for another time. Basically, the Roadhouse of my childhood pits Swayze against a terrible evil–the man who would try to rule a town under his bronzed and rhinestoned iron fist. Drifter Dalton is brought in first in order to make a paycheck–he goes from town to town (much like Kwai Chang Caine) doing what he is needed. And, then he falls for the character of the town, as well as a certain blonde doctor within the town.

Songs by the Jeff Healey Band (who are actually IN the movie!!!!!!) just make the whole thing even cooler. Who can forget an awkward first dance at your 6th grade private school to ‘Angel Eyes’? (Okay, I didn’t actually go to the dance, but I’m sure it was played). I have met so many people whom have seen the movie–and everyone is either hot or cold about it–there are no in-betweens.

So, what did Tom think?

See for yourself.

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